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Writer's Block: Universally speaking

Jan. 18th, 2011 | 11:42 am

If you could have a conversation with any animal in the world, living or dead (such as a childhood pet), which animal would you choose?

I would have a conversation with my pet Rattie, Macadamia, who is waiting patiently for me on the other side.

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Dec. 2nd, 2008 | 10:01 am

If I had nothing else to do, I'd have this blogsite and my blogster site all spiffed up and reader ready!  If lots of people read my blogs, I'd do it anyway.  If I never had to sleep, eat, clean, (etc times 100), I could have my sci fi fiction ms all ready to commit to market.  If I could find my way out of a paper bag, I would have travelled to places of inspiration for my poetry.  If life didn't interfere with what I would like to accomplish, I'd be "all caught up."  Wait a minute....isn't life what I write about?  As insignificant as these interruptions seem to be, they seem to be snippets of life.  If I didn't have my life, I wouldn't be typing these words on this page, now, would I?
If I can find more time, I will make every effort to stay up-to-date on my blogsites while at the same time finding even more time to write.  The rest of the time, life can have at me! 

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Writing for Educational Markets

Sep. 29th, 2008 | 10:07 am

We have begun! It's Monday, September 29, and we have been given our first assignment. I am totally excited about this course and feel way down deep that a door is about to open for my writing. After all, I taught 9-12 year old kids for 38 years. It just HAS to line up! I am totally ready to go on this one and can't wait to learn, meet others with the same goals, and write, submit, write, submit, write, submit... (notice I didn't say the R-word here...wink).
Let the games begin! The torch is lit!!!!

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Writing Course

Sep. 20th, 2008 | 11:52 am

In a short while, I will be participating in an online class around writing for educational publishers. Laura Salas is teaching it. I am very excited about this opportunity. With my mega years teaching and my love for writing, it all seems to fit perfectly! I have also created a writing blog on blogster. It's more of a memoir than an every day/week/month writing thing. Whatever the case, this new class launches on September 29th. Here's to learning another avenue of the writing journey!

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end of August...

Aug. 22nd, 2008 | 11:54 am

My "word!" I should say, my LACK of words!!! Wait a minute...I hear something...do you hear it as well? It sounds like WHOOSH would feel! I do believe that I am experiencing an OOB! I am actually hearing TIME flying! Oops...I think that perhaps if I am OOB, then time is no longer linear. I guess I am not OOB, but very in this one. I hate that time is linear. It passes me by! Yes, I am older. Yes, I have lost two months of writing! That's even worse than getting older!!
I know, enough with the exclamation marks, awready!
I will update this blog in September. My daughter and granddaughter have been here with us in Maine from Virginia for the month of August. It's been a combination of heaven and hell. The energy is intense and they have so much of it. I don't. I have gotten really tired. The house is a wreck, and my precious rat, Macadamia, has not gotten the attention that he so deserves, although I have not neglected him, I promise. He is on my shoulder right now and kissing the back of my neck, which is grooming, which is his way of showing me affection. I love him so much. Anyway, the lack of energy and things getting tipsy topsy turvy have been the hell. My time with my recently turned five year old granddaughter wipes out any thoughts of the hell and turns the atmosphere into heaven, unless she is exhausted, and that is another story. She is extremely intuitive and comes up with observations that completely floor me. I need to write some of her stuff up to save. She's amazing. What? You question my observations due to the fact that I am her grandmother and as a result, biased? Nah. Not at all.
I will return to this blogsite soon and share my progress with my sci-fi novel for a YA audience. I am three and a half chapters into it. It went back burner when my girls got here, but I will tackle it with enthusiasm as soon as the dust settles. Actually, I am flying back with them to VA in a few days. I'll be there for three weeks. One of my promises to me was to be present (physical body as long as I can and then spirit after I leave this physical body behind) at life changing events for my granddaughter. Well, she is starting Kindergarten this fall. Now, THAT is life changing! Her mommy will be a basket-case, so there are actually two life changing events that are pending; my Nadia starting Kindergarten, and my Cindy needing to be able to "let go," just a tad! Wish us all luck! Until next time...

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June Writing

Jun. 10th, 2008 | 10:43 am

My last entry wasn't writing related, so I feel the need to add another post. I have begun the actual writing of a YA/sci-fi novel. It's been niggling around the corners of my brain (no, I don't have a square head) for some time now. As part of the CWCC group, I have been offered the opportunity to have Simon Rose (I have an interview with him somewhere in these posts...he is a terrific author and person) read and give comments about the beginning of a piece that we are working on. Since we all know that if the beginning doesn't glue a publisher (or whomever may be reading it) to his or her seat, then it will find its new home in the dreaded slush pile (despite the heat here, the very mention of "slush pile" sent shivers up my back...heck, I won't even give those two words capital letters, lest they gain even more power!). I sent him two beginnings (with his permission). One of them is the beginning of the niggling one which is not titled at this juncture and the other is the beginning of a piece that I have worked on (off and on) for five or six years now. That one is titled (entitled?) "Alitu," and follows the adventures of a team of "light beings" from the planet Quad as they try and save the Earth from extinction. I was well into it when I took a Novels course from the University of Maine. The instructor, whom I totally respect as an author as well as an instructor, AND the other members of the course were right there with me as I worked on it. She (the instructor) loved it and envisioned it as a movie as well as a best seller. That gave me the needed impetus to continue working one it. Then I did a writers' retreat during the summer following the course and the group there hated it. Personally, I don't think that they "got it," but in any case, it gave me reason to stop and think things through. Then I had the first chapter critiqued by a well known children's author and she thought it was dreadful. Of course, those weren't her words, but I could tell... So, I put it on ice. I couldn't kill the characters, so the thing sits, gathering dust. The one that I am working on now is also a tad "out there," but I love science fiction, and much of it is, in fact, out there. This one is about a girl (young teen) who unexpectedly finds herself in a parallel universe. I am having a blast with it. I had a blast with Alitu as well, but I honestly don't think that its time has come. It will wait. This new one, however, is writing itself faster than I can keep up with it, so I think it's going to be one that I finish, come hell or high water. I shouldn't say "hell or high water" so carelessly, what with the weather patterns we are having (see last post). So, Simon will read both beginnings, and I am TOTALLY anxious to see what he thinks. He's too kind to tell me that they both suck, but I will know, just by the way he puts his words together. And who knows, he may like at least one of them! I'll let you know!!!!!

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Heat Wave

Jun. 10th, 2008 | 10:29 am

Here in the Northeast, and yes, that includes Maine, there is a heat wave going on that is so uncomfortable that I can't seem to get out of my own way. We don't have central AC and never ever thought that we'd even consider such a thing. With the changes in intensity of the seasons, we may have to bite the bullet, as it were. Add to that, the thoughts of the upcoming winter, which will also be intense, I am sure, thoughts of the price of oil to heat the house is a staggering mind bender. That brings to mind the idea of wood heat. We are sixty years old! Who wants to cut, split, stack and keep wood burning 24/7 during the long winter months!?!?!?! I mean, we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. So here I am, chewing away on all of that while I stick to the furniture, "bark" at the animals for stirring up the fur that they are shedding like gangbusters, and feeling powerless and helpless. Move to where? Tornadoes. Where else? Coastal flooding. Oh come on now...six months of darkness? I don't think so! Way out there? Earthquakes. Down there? Hurricanes. I guess I'll stay put. Where are those tissues, anyway!

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blog entry June 4, 08

Jun. 4th, 2008 | 03:07 pm

June has found it's wonderfully green way into my world.  I adore early spring!  I started school when I was five years old.  I graduated from high school and went on to college the very next fall.  I graduated from college and went straight into teaching.  I taught for thirty-eight years.  Last June, I retired.  Having thought through all of that, I figured that I have not experienced early spring in its entirety since I was four years old!  Now that is amazing and I am aware of it every time I go outside, which is every day, unless it's pouring rain.  I feel truly blessed!  I AM truly blessed!  Now, to take a look at my writing endeavors.  In a word, OUCH!  This past year has been alarmingly difficult for me on many levels.  I have been sick a lot of the winter.  I over-extended myself in terms of what I dreamed I might accomplish versus what I actually did accomplish.  I joined Suzanne Lieurance's Children's Writers and Coaching Club, which is the variable that kept me writing this winter.  She is great.  The club members come and go and new ones come on, and there I am, hanging on by a prepositional phrase!  I love her voice and she not only knows what she is talking about, but is totally supportive and encouraging.  It was Divine Intervention that nudged me in her direction.  Other than that, I partipated in Robert Lee Brewer's Poem of the Day (PAD) challenge.  I did it!  I wrote thirty...yes thirty!...poems and submitted them to that blogsite.  The thing that kept me going was around the fact that he gave us a prompt each day.  Somehow that made it so much more doable.  I saved some of them to my iMac's word processing program and some of them are in a notebook.  One of my goals is to get them in a booklet for my family to read.  I also need to edit them.  His invitation was to just get them in there and edit later.  Well, I got them in there!  During the winter months, I researched jellies (jellyfish) and became fascinated by the Box Jelly...nasty critter, if ever there was one!  I contacted two marine scientists and asked if I could interview them for an article.  Then I sent out a letter to Highlights explaining my intent and was totally shot down.  I have yet to do the interviews.  I wrote two stories for the Highlights contest and just got the rejection letters.  Hey, I thought that the stories were kinda cool!  I did put a lot of myself into them.  After all, it was a contest and I wanted to win.  Then I wrote six poems and submitted them to a contest that was run by my own state and not one of them was found to be worthy.  Gee, I was on a roll, don't you think?  Owie.  I can tell you this...no matter how many times I have been told that rejection is part of the business and not to let it get me down, guess what...it hurts anyway!  My writing is part of who and what I AM.  It's part of my soul.  Who can turn away someone who has poured her soul into her work, I ask you!  I am still waiting on three other bits.  One is a children's book (words only) that I sent in to a contest; another includes five or six poems that I sent into the Writer's Digest contest (last time I did that, not one of them got chosen, and there were 100 honorable mentions...talk about ouch); and the third includes two poems that I sent in to an anthology written for and by Baby Boomers, which of course, I am.  The way things have gone so far, I guess I won't hold my breath!  I won't give up, though.  My real desire is to get a novel for YA (or Tweens, or Middle Readers) out.  I have two of them going.  One of them is on ice.  I couldn't kill my MC.  It's sci-fi...my favorite genre.  I started it about five, maybe six years ago.  During it's development, I took a novels course from the University of Maine.  The group that I worked with, including the instructor, LOVED it!  Then I took it to a Writers' Retreat and the group there just didn't get it and shot it down, flames trailing!  I then had a chapter critiqued by a published children's author and she just did not like it at all.  I put it in a box and there it sits.  This summer, I began a new one.  It's sci-fi, again, but a whole different aspect.  I think I like it.  I got it started, but haven't worked on it for two months.  I need to get back into it.  A TREMENDOUS amount of time is spent on emails, checking things out, trying to keep things updated (MySpace, Facebook and my Blog).  Now, I am spending many hours each day outside, working on a piece of land on our thirteen acres on the river.  It used to be a farm and it hasn't been dealt with for many many years.  I am clearing and sifting, etc.  It's not a job for the feint of heart, but my heart is in it.  In fact, a novel has been inching its way into my head as I work.  Real people lived here and have long since died, leaving bits of their energy behind.  I have been researching the land's history and can get back as far as the early 1880's!  Now, THAT'S COOL!  I have written this up on a website that I heard about...Zoho Writer.  I will find out in a "few" how it works.  The idea of having an online word processing program is enticing to me, because I can write anywhere there's a computer and an internet hook-up!  Now, THAT'S COOL as well!!  So, I am going to save it and try to send it to my blog.

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Mother's Day card from my daughter & granddaughter

May. 11th, 2008 | 01:46 pm

Click to play Happy Mother's Day Mimi!
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A Poem A Day For April

Apr. 23rd, 2008 | 08:18 am

Poet Robert Lee Brewer offered people a challenge for the month of April...
Poem-A-Day Challenge
It was to compose and post a poem for each day in April.  Robert creates the topic and the participants craft a poem around it.  The poem can be in any form.  One writes it in the comments section of the blog in rough draft form.  The idea is to get one in there.  The rewrites will take place in May. I love to write poetry, so I decided to give it a go.  Being true to myself, (argh), I let time lapse.  I found myself scrambling around mid-month to keep the promise to myself true...I would do this.  It's April 23 at this point, and I have gotten eleven or twelve posted so far.  All of the topics so far have been really fun to run with, with the exception of one.  It was to take notes of what I had done for a day and write a poem around it.  I just couldn't make that one work.  All of the others have worked for me.  I have a concern that because my postings are so late, perhaps they will never be read.  Of course, I started with Day 1 and have worked forward, trying to play catch up with myself and the others.  Perhaps I should do the reverse and go with the prompt of the day, get it posted, and then work in reverse.  Hm-m-m...
Whatever the case, I am wondering about being able to get my poems on my livejournal site.  The only thing is...that would be so many entries....I will have to think this one through.  In the meantime, my poet muse is working overtime and although smiling, wondering if I will ever learn....

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